Bộ điều khiển, giám sát cho tủ nạp ắc quy 110VDC – 220VDC


Bộ điều khiển cho tủ sạc ắc quy. Điều khiển, giám sát trạng thái, Giao tiếp LAN-RJ45, RS485, USB, RS232. Chuẩn IEC61850(option), Modbus. Chuẩn IEC61850 tương thích với các trạm biến áp của EVN.

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Công ty TNHH Thương mại và Công nghệ Hùng Minh là đơn vị phân phối tủ sạc ắc quy, các thiết bị phụ kiện như module sạc, bộ điều khiển sạc.


THJK070LW-ZL (with IEC61850) and THJK070SW-ZL (without IEC61850) are advanced monitoring and control unit of DC power system. The HMI(Human Machine Interface) and RTU modules are modular structure for optimal performance. With a flexible configuration, the HMI can display various requirements of different DC power system. The compatible data acquisition RTU modules are of same dimension, which is easy for installation.


Ø 7″ color pixels LCD, touch screen monitor, full graphic display

Ø Control two sets of rectifiers, max 32 pieces.

Ø Information inquiry and system setting function

Ø RS485/RJ45 interface; protocol MODBUS, IEC61850 (optional)

Ø The real-time clock

Ø 50,000 alarm logs and work logs

Ø Battery charge management function. Can manage two battery strings

Ø Can monitor the AC input, battery status, bus info, battery charging and discharging info, charger info and etc.

Ø Support 2 AC inputs and automatic switching

Ø Bus insulation, branch insulation detection function. Grounding alarms

Ø DI alarm function. The user can define the digit input

Name Model Function Option
HMI and display THJK070SW-ZL/


 7″ color pixels LCD, touch screen, full graphic display

Perfect management function

Integrated data monitor


ZHCL-2  Measure 1 AC voltage

Measure 3 DC voltage, 2 current,1 temperature

Measure 24 DI, provides 8 DO


Applicable for system with one string of battery & charger rectifier

ZHCL-3  Measure 2 AC voltage

Measure 6 DC voltage, 4 current,2 temperature

Measure 32 DI, provides 8 DO


Applicable for system with two strings of battery & charger rectifier

Battery monitor DCXJ-19  Measure 19 cells (12V) voltages, 1 string temperature Optional
DCXJ-55  Measure 55 cells (2V) voltages, 2 string temperature
Insulation monitor


JYJC-64  Measure 2 bus insulation, 64 branch insulation Optional

Max 2 pcs

JYJC-32  Measure 2 bus insulation, 32 branch insulation
DI/DO KGL-64  Measure 64 DI, provides 8 DO Optional

Max 16 pcs


Technical specification

System feature
Measurements Measure AC input, DC output, BUS status, DI/DO, battery status and temperature, battery charging status
Functions Information inquiry including DC info, battery info, insulation info, DI info, Alarms, running log;

System control:switch ON/OFF charger, control charging status;

System configuration and setting;

Battery charging management;

Alarms and setting

Friendly user interface, full graphic display

Battery management feature
Battery charging current limit

Automatic float and boost charge management

Manual, auto and periodic boost charge

Maximum boost charge protection

Temperature Compensation

Discharge and low voltage protection

Remote monitoring
Communication protocol

IP address

Subnet mask

local address

baud rate

remote communication

SNTP server address

PC end program

User interface
7″ color pixels LCD, touch screen,

Full graphic display, shows system structure and major measurements.

User-defined startup logo, size 800*480,16bit, “welcome.bmp”

Connection and port
USB1 Master
USB2 Slave, used for debug
Power 24V DC +-20%
LAN(RJ45) IEC61850 (optional)
COM 1XRS232 1XRS485
Power input 24VDC
Dimension (H/WD) 226.5/163/36 mm, installation size 215±0.5/152±0.5
Operation temperature – 5℃~+40℃
Storage temperature – 10℃~+60℃
Humidity ≤90%
Altitude ≤2000m


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